Alive, again

Without change, things stagnate. When things stagnate, they risk becoming obsolete. Change for the sake of change is inefficient and just spins around chasing its own tail - the change should have a purpose. Therefore: to avoid risk of becoming obsolete, make purposeful changes.

That said, here is some purposeful change: a revamped incarnation of my blog.

The old posts were cleaned up and many were thrown away. I kept the ones which were still interesting to me. You can find the old posts in the Old-category at the top.

Also, the old "Zenburn updated" posts are gone - any future updates will be reflected at the Zenburn repository in Github.

Also, due to massive amounts of spam, the comment system has moved to Disqus. I have kept the old comments only at the Zenburn page since the comments are valuable to a number of people.