Hi, my name is Jani.

I'm from Finland. I graduated as M.Sc. in 2003 from LUT, Dept. of Information Technology, where I majored in Data Communications.

I’m currently working for Wind River in Stockholm.

A man sitting in front of an arctic waterfall

I am fascinated by artificial intelligence, peer-to-peer networks, evolutionary and biomimetic algorithms and design, ubiquitous computing, emergence in complex systems, cybernetics, strategy and various things dealing with cryptology, game theory, some mathematics, signal processing, architecture (of houses and software), ancient history and so on.

I’m the author of Zenburn, a colorscheme for the Vim editor. I’ve done a number of other tools, programs and pieces of software which at best have ended up in proprietary products, no sources at Github unfortunately.

I’ve been a member in The Planetary Society for many years. I believe space exploration is one of the most, if not simply THE most important endeavours humankind can do.

About this blog

This is the second incarnation of my blog. I've kept only the best parts of the previous version. This time I want to focus on writing & slow fermentation of thoughts and not frequent updates.

I advocate slow blogging, as in "slow food". If there's not a movement like that already then let's start one, right now!

I believe the world at large benefits more from longer articles and ideas which go deeper than oneliner quips or the echoes of the same link being broadcast all over the net. Thus I will not post just an interesting link like I used to. For instant gratification through cool links, go to Hacker News, that's where I'd pick up my links anyway.


The logo in the blog is my own work; "flying pigs" logo made by Slinky is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0.

The logo graphic uses two icon graphics:

Pig icon made by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.

Cloud icon made by Yannick from Flaticon is licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.

The theme is called Porcini. I made it, it is licensed under GPLv2 - for more details, see Porcini (pelican-porcini) at Github.


You can mail me by removing the NO_SPAM from “slinky at NO_SPAM iki dto fi”. Encrypt with GPG key 0x13C49F3F if it’s important.