Share Your Pictures with


You need to quickly share images with your friends. Not all of your friends use the same chat programs, social networks, etc.

Solution runs to the rescue.

It works like this: you upload an image and set an expiration period. You then get a special web address. Before the image expires, it can be seen through this address. After the image expires, it's gone forever.

It's very fast, simple to use and 100% hassle-free. You don't need to login or anything! And only the persons who know the link can see the picture.


Many months ago I wanted to learn a web framework, just to learn how it works. Then I just implemented a project I had had in mind. I had a domain which I wasn't using, so I put it up at and told a few of my friends about it to get some beta testers.

A few days later, another friend was asking me "what's the best way to just quickly get you guys these pictures of a potential new office space I'm looking at". I pointed him to the site and he sent us several image links for our amusement. Success!

The site has been up for some time now, so it should be somewhat bug-free. A wider audience is very welcome. If the site makes your life easier, very good.


Huge image sizes are not supported. If you that bothers you, try resizing the image - I think in normal use you won't get such problems. I might implement support for very huge pictures later, but given that I pay for bandwidth, it's not a really high priority for me :P - it purrs