The Ultimate Road to Happiness

My friend came to me about a great new idea he had. I shall paraphrase our discussion:

-"Yo. Why is reality so hard?", he asked.
-"I've no idea. Why is reality so hard?", I replied.
-"It's because there's too many things to keep track of. I have a solution: micro-feng shui."
-"Micro-feng shui? But isn't micro less?"
-"Everything micro is good. For example: microchips. Very good."
-"OK, so how does it work?"
-"Step 1: reduce spatial complexity. From now on, view the world as a planar space and ignore all height differences. That's 30% less complexity. Then, step 2: happiness."

Considering what's published nowadays in various self-help books, packaging this idea into a 400-page book would probably reach New York Times bestseller list very fast. Not to mention the creation of some sort of a pseudo-religious movement, enabling my friend to be showered in non-Zimbabwean paper currency.