This is the The Official Zenburn Page

Zenburn is a low-contrast color scheme for Vim. It's easy for your eyes and designed to keep you in the zone for long programming sessions.

Screenshot of Zenburn:

Zenburn in normal contrast mode

Zenburn in normal contrast mode

What's the purpose of this page?

The purpose is to collect links to various ports for different utilities and environments and, of course, show a screenshot!

Latest version and background information

Nowadays Zenburn lives at Github.


To use Zenburn in GVim, simply copy the file to colors/ subdirectory under your Vim configuration folder (e.g. \~/.vim/colors or C:\vim\colors).

To use Zenburn in Vim, you must enable the 256-color mode for Vim. This can be done with e.g. export TERM=xterm-256color. You might also need to add set t_Co=256 into your .vimrc file, before loading the colorscheme. Note, that due to limitations of the 256-color mode the color scheme is not exactly like it appears in GVim, but very close nevertheless.

Have a look at Darmawan's page for further information and screenshots.

Old, incomplete list of known ports and derivatives

Note: Some links are broken!

For more links, see the comments below. See also the contribs-branch of Zenburn at Github. If you have made a new port, please drop a comment.

Thank you for enjoying "Just some alien fruit salad to keep you in the zone"!