In these times ravaged by the SARS-CoV-2 there is plenty of opportunity for some introspection. Long story short, here is the third re-incarnation of my little place in the big ol’ internet, and, by extension, my blog.

As for the blog, I plan to write about what I feel like. Sometimes technical, sometimes not. The carrying theme will be that there won’t be any.

There are no analytics and no advertisements on my pages.

The primary reason for the lack of analytics is I don’t need those things; I don’t care who reads what I write, since such information is useless to me. This is because I have no desire to “optimize” my writing to target anyone specifically. I have no agenda. Even the question “is anyone reading this” is not really a very interesting one, but can nevertheless be answered by examining the webserver log files. No analytics needed.

As for advertisements, they suck. Full stop. I don’t need the few dollars which Google ads might bring in. I don’t need those microscopic amounts of money, and you don’t need to be spied on and told what to buy next. That whole concept is ridiculous.

Now that we’re clear on the previous points, there is one more to make. My dear reader, unless I’m your father, I’m not writing specifically to you.

To you who I am writing for, perhaps someday you will discover these writings, and connect them with the books we have at home, and the places we’ve been to, the people we’ve met, and the things we’ve done. Perhaps you will then find these writings interesting and perhaps they will open up ideas and stimulate your creativity, when you see things through my aged filters and from a slightly different angle.

To the rest of you, I do hope you also get something out of these writings.

The sea somewhere north of the 61st northern parallel

The sea somewhere north of the 61st northern parallel