Wood and Stone

Long ago, people lived scattered in places which are now forests.

Some of these people were retired soldiers with small huts and vegetable lots. Some were brave families settling near a lake rich in fish, surrounded by a forest full of deer and moose.

These people were like us, they had children and watched sunsets and falling snow; they died of accidents, disease and, if they were lucky, old age.

Their stories and dreams and possibly even progeny are all lost in time and in the depths of forgotten folklore, but we know these people were there because of piles of stones arranged in long straight lines.

These piles of stone were the bases of their wooden dwellings and animal pens.

What was built from stone still remains, at least in parts, whereas all the wood is long gone, eaten by worms, fungus and rot and many hundreds of years of rain and winter.

Build proper, solid foundations, and they outlast you.

700 year old stairs at a fortress

700 year old stairs at a fortress

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